How to plan the family budget

Write footnote hereIn the course of housekeeping we often face a problem of uneven distribution of money owing to what on any requirements we just do not have money.


Inability is correct to distribute the family budget often results in need of monetary loans, credits. However the credit – not the so best exit from the situation, and at all even, on the contrary. Overpaying excess sums of money in the form of percent, we do not solve this problem, and we only postpone for some time for which it only gathers intensity.

To learn to carry out this difficult task, it is necessary to consider several aspects concerning the budget:




First, how many you would not earn in a month, all of you equally will spend more. At the same time it is much simpler to correct expenses sometimes, than the income.


Secondly, irrespective of the fact which a part of the income on average are the share of one family member, expenses usually have not so uniform value.


And it is fair, proceeding from personal needs of everyone. For example, what is not necessary for you at all is just necessary for your child and, on the contrary. How to plan the family budget so that all family members were satisfied? There are several enough simple recommendations.


1) Begin with maintaining the account on the money dissipated in a month. It is possible to use for this purpose both a notebook with the handle, and, for example, the table Exel. We divide a leaf into two columns - it is, respectively, your income and expenses.


2) Then, make records about obligatory monthly expenses: these are already available credits, utility payments and expenses on food.


3) Then during the whole month summarize any expenditure, regarding all the rest.


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It is correct to plan the family budget


The matter is that the credits, communal flats and products are what to save on will not turn out, even at keen desire. The rest, quite gives in to adjustment. Pay attention for what expenses the most part of your budget is spent every month, and count what from this list you quite could do without.


Further, in order that it is correct to plan the family budget, divide the sum which remained after a deduction of necessary payments on points in the list. You receive an example of how the income and has to be distributed further, adhering to these sums, you will be able to avoid excess expenditure for not the necessary things.