How to buy in online stores?

Shopping on the Internet has improbable success now. If earlier we cautiously bought in network only things and through joint purchases, now many practically all buy online. In online stores it is possible to buy ware, bed linen, the equipment, stationery for children, furniture and construction materials. In network of low price, the range – it seems, paradise for the shopaholic is more. But whether you spend too much? If you answer in the affirmative, so it is time to learn to save. We will tell about some secrets of economical shopping today.




Compare the prices

The handwork exclusive which is released in the single copy, as a rule, does not interest us. Therefore the first rule of economical online shopping – comparison of the prices. The dispersion can be very big, for example, on expensive equipment – to 100 dollars.

For half an hour in network we can visit more than 20 shops. Look for the same goods and compare. Now there are even websites on which under goods the list of shops where it is on sale, with the prices. If there are no goods interesting you there – compare independently.


Do not pass a discount and an action

Now on the Internet there are so much shops that they should fight for each client. Discounts and various actions – one of methods of involvement of buyers. And most often not the stale, but the most quick-selling goods get under actions. The main thing – not to miss an opportunity to get a thing cheaper.


In many shops there are so-called "Goods of day" — that is the discount affects these goods only one day. Organizes such actions of El Dorado — one largest shops of household appliances. It is convenient to monitor offers from the websites aggregators which collect the most favorable offers on the pages.


Take coupons and promo codes

All shops have promo codes almost, all of them are different. It can be a discount for some group of goods, free shipping, a gift upon purchase and so on. For example, the promo code Coherent will give you the chance upon purchase of the camera to receive free of charge the photobook and the subscription on photo courses.


Distribute promo codes usually on the partner websites of shops. To be aware always of favorable offers, be registered on such website and check news by mail.


The loyalty program and discount for regular customers

It is possible to make a purchase in most shops without being registered, it is rather simple to call the manager. However it will deprive of you an opportunity to become the participant of the loyalty program. Therefore do not regret five minutes of the time and be registered on the website. It is quite possible that already upon the following purchase you will be given the chance to buy goods cheaper.